Frozen - Efo (Spinach) Soup

Frozen - Efo (Spinach) Soup

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Frozen - Efo Riro (Spinach) soup only 0.5L to 2.5L

Served with
1) Chicken
2) Beef
3) Chicken & Beef
4) Cow's foot and Tripe
5) Fried Fish

 ½L portion is served with 2 (1) portions, 1L portion is served with 5 (2) portions, 2.5L portion is served with 12 (5)portions of options or combination of options – beef/chicken/cow foot & tripe/Assorted/ (fried fish).

Sold in Derby area. 

*Allergy Notice: crayfish, from stock used - wheat, soya, (may contain traces of eggs, milk, celery fish, crustaceans)

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